Industrial Air Blasting

We are happy to announce we have added Industrial Air Blasting, also known as bead blasting or sand blasting, to our long list of capabilities.

Our new Pro Finish Surface-Treatment System selection of finishes is virtually unlimited and so are the applications.

If it’s Finishing you need, we can: add a matte or satin finish, remove glare, eliminate imperfections, or blend marks.

Or if it’s Cleaning & Removal you desire, we can remove: chemical impurities, paint, coatings, sealants, adhesives, carbon deposits, scale, excess brazing, casting material, flashing burrs, rust, or oxidation

Or if it’s Surface Treatment and Prep that has to be done, we can: strengthen, add fatigue resistance, improve wear properties, profile surfaces, create porosity, create friction, improve lubrication, or etch for bonding and adhesion.