large paint booth
Wet Paint  |  Spray Paint

Coating Systems wet paint, also known as spray paint, coating can be applied to a variety materials: steel, aluminum, iron, plastic and wood.

Our wet paint spray booth is a pressure controlled environment that ensures our customers receive the perfect wet paint finish every time. The booth regulates the temperature, air flow, and humidity with the latest ventilation technology consisting of multiple motors and burners to heat the air blown.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing superior wet paint coatings and can accommodate a range of wet paint coating specifications.

166_paint_gunDue to a wide range of nozzle shapes and sizes the consistency of the paint can be varied in over 1,000 wet paint coating colors to provide resilience in the harshest climate or simply provide a cosmetic finish on materials including steel, aluminum, iron, plastic and wood.

Each mil-spec wet paint we offer are either water based or solvent based, and can be easily manipulated for a smooth or textured finish.


You can also complete any of your spray paint parts with a custom silk screened image made here at Coating Systems.