Applied Graphics

Coating Systems Inc.'s applied graphic capabilities include silkscreening, laser engraving, and pad printing. An extension of our "one-stop shop" service helps our customers complete their parts with logos, numbering, and illustrations. Our in-house art director and department provide ensures the high quality graphics of the parts along the supply chain. As most of our services are in-house, we also provide silkscreen fabrication for out-sourcing. Coating Systems Inc.'s "one-stop shop" is capable of offering competitive prices and fast turnaround for completely finished products.


At Coating Systems Inc., the silkscreening process uses the latest in screen-preparation technology to ensure a high resolution and quality finish with a full stock of standard silkscreen ink colors, as well as custom color blends. We can silkscreen graphics onto parts and panels that either have a bare-metal finish or a powdercoat finish.

Laser Engraving

Coating Systems Inc.’s laser engraving is capable of processing various substrates including plastics and metals. Once engraved, markings remain permanent with zero potential of falling off or fading. This allows for flexibility of any type of graphics like barcodes, logos, serial or patent numbers, icons, symbols, and trademarks. Laser engraving ensures process repeatability without sacrificing quality and accuracy. Services are provided to industrial and medical applications.

Pad Printing

At Coating Systems Inc., our pad printing technology enables us to print onto various shaped surfaces, including recesses, dynamic angles and contours. A transfer pad picks up the image from a template and prints on the surface. This process provides high volume output and consistent quality is of the utmost concern. Coating Systems can pad print on metals and plastics for many industries including medical, automotive, and electronics.

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