Laboratory Services

At Coating Systems Inc., we value our customers to be able to offer further services to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer chemical analyses in our laboratory, equipped with a full stock of reagents and titrants, as well as quantitative equipments like our x-ray fluorensence system and atomic absorption analyzer. We also offer our NADCAP-compliant neutral salt spray chamber for corrosion testing. Lastly, we offer pre-process custom masking upon request, as well as light assembly for pre or post production needs.

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory here at Coating Systems is capable of analyzing almost any chemical and plating baths, like nickel, copper, and chrome baths. The lab is also equipped with an atomic absorption spectrophotometer to quantify specific readings of metal content in plating baths or waste water systems. Lastly, an x-ray fluorescence analyzer calculates the thickness of plated metal on various metal substrates. This allows for optimizing plating speeds and better accuracy on thickness requirements for many specifications.

Salt Spray Testing

Here at Coating Systems, we offer neutral salt spray corrosion testing for NADCAP requirements in compliance with ASTM B117. Our salt spray chamber is calibrated and controlled with scheduled testing of parameters by the laboratory personnel.

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