Precious Metals

Precious metals display valuable properties for various industrial applications. These processes resolve many solutions with excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, as well as superb conductivity and ductility. These metals' significant luminescence makes their respective processes a very popular option. While the process is more costly, the remarkable quality offsets its price over time.

Gold Plating

rohs compliant

Silver Plating

rohs compliant

Gold plating offers exceptional solderability, as well as an excellent reflector of infrared radiation for microwave applications. The process enables excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Also, gold is a noble metal that is unreactive and not readily oxidized under normal conditions. Therefore, gold metal is outstanding choice for engineering and design requirements that calls for solderability, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity.

  • Gold 99.7% Gold Min
    (MIL-G-45204 Type 1)
  • Gold 99.0% Gold Min
    (MIL-G-45204 Type 2)
  • Gold .00002 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 00)
  • Gold .00003 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 0)
  • Gold .00005 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 1)
  • Gold .00010 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 2)
  • Gold .0002 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 3)
  • Gold .0003 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 4)
  • Gold .0005 THK MIN
    (MIL-G-45204 Class 5)
  • Gold Knoop 130-200
    (MIL-G-45204 Grade C)

Silver, a ductile metal with a bright luster, has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. Also, silver has excellent properties of thermal conductivity, reflectivity in the visible range, and high-temperature lubricity for antiseizing and antigalling applications.

  • Silver Semi Bright
    (QQ-S-365 Type 2)
  • Silver with Anti-Tarnish
    (QQ-S-365 Grade A)
  • Silver without Anti-Tarnish
    (QQ-S-365 Grade B)
  • 99.9% Silver Min
    (ASTM-B700 Type 1)
  • 99.0% Silver Min
    (ASTM-B700 Type 2)
  • 98.0% Silver Min
    (ASTM-B700 Type 3)
  • Without Anti Tarnish
    (ASTM-B700 Class N)
  • With Anti Tarnish
    (ASTM-B700 Class S)
  • Semi-Bright
    (ASTM-B700 Grade D)

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